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Frequently Asked Questions

STILL HAVE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS??? Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about playing paintball at New Jersey Paintball Club. Please call New Jersey Paintball Club's office @ 973-838-7493 or email us at and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Advice from the Staff

NJ Paintball Club's conscientious adult staff want to give you paintball instructions and some Advice from the Staff below.

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Frequently Asked Paintball Questions


Is it safe to play paintball? 
Yes. NJ Paintball Club firmly enforces all insurance mandated safety regulations in regard to our paintball equipment and our playing courses. All safety regulations will be fully and carefully explained to your party before you begin to play. You will be required to read and sign a document that also outlines the most important safety regulations. Any players who can not cooperate with NJ Paintball Club safety and insurance regulations will be barred from participation, for their own safety, and the safety of our other guests and staff. 

Do I need a reservation? 
Yes. Reservations are always required, 4 days or more in advance. 
Some dates book out 2 weeks in advance!

Can my party play privately? 
Yes. NJ Paintball Club exclusively hosts private parties! ONLY PRIVATE PARTIES!
You will need 12 players or more in your party to make a reservation at NJ Paintball Club.

How many players maximum can I have in my party?
NJ Paintball Club can host a maximum of 80 players per session (morning session, afternoon session, or full day session).

Why would we want to play privately? 
NJ Paintball Club hosts private parties for pre-teens, teens, corporate groups, family outings, church outings, fund raisers, etc. These types of groups do NOT want to play with strangers who might be older, more experienced, overly aggressive, verbally abusive, bad sports, racist, or bullying.
If you feel that you and your friends/family/co-workers would actually LIKE to be bullied and shot up by older, aggressive, possibly racist, more experienced players... there are several other paintball facilities in the North Jersey area that would be happy to cater to your party!
HOWEVER: NJ Paintball Club prides itself in providing our guests with a safe, friendly, and enjoyable PRIVATE experience. NO STRANGERS will ever be participating in your PRIVATE party. NJ Paintball Club will guarantee you that in a written contract!

Can I make a reservation for just myself and a couple friends? 
No. NJ Paintball Club EXCLUSIVELY hosts PRIVATE parties of 12 players or more. 

Can I just show up and get mixed in with other players? 
No. NJ Paintball Club does not accept “walk ons’ or “walk ins” at any time.
Reservations are always required.
We do not mix strangers in with our PRIVATE parties.

Do you offer free invitation cards that I can send to my guests?
No. However you can purchase cards online:

How much does it cost to play at NJ Paintball Club? 
Prices start at $41. per person for a half day (4.5 hour) session. 
Detailed pricing can be viewed on our website:

Do you offer Military, Veteran, Police, or Firefighter discounts?
No. We do not offer discounts of any kind.

Where is NJ Paintball Club? 
56 Weaver Road , West Milford , NJ 07480.
IMPORTANT!!!! NJ Paintball Club is open by RESERVATION ONLY! 
A visit to NJ Paintball Club without a reservation or appointment is considered trespassing on our PRIVATE PROPERTY! 
All applicable laws against trespassing will apply.
Call us! 973-838-7493. Make a reservation to play. Make an appointment to visit.

Can we hang banners and signs at the entrance to the Club to identify your location to our guests?
No. West Milford Township has stringent ordinances on what kind of signage can be displayed on it's streets.
Our driveway is marked by orange signs conforming to these ordinances ONLY WHEN WE ARE EXPECTING GUESTS WHO HAVE MADE RESERVATIONS OR APPOINTMENTS!
Our ORANGE entry signs read: NJP CLUB 56, and are additionally marked with multiple waving American flags.
GPS will place your vehicle within 15 feet or less of our entrance.
There is no need for additional illegally posted signage that might incur (to YOU) a non-compliance summons and fine from West Milford Township!

Can I drop by and visit NJ Paintball Club to check it out? 
Yes, on weekends, and by advance appointment only! 

When can I play? 
7 days a week, early April through the end of December (weather permitting). 8:00am to 5:00pm . 
Custom hours may be available on request certain times of year.
We are NOT open on Easter Sunday or Christmas Day!

Can we play in the rain? 
NJ Paintball Club hosts games in intermittent showers, light rain, and drizzle. 
NJ Paintball Club does not feel playing in steady rain to be fun or safe, for a variety of reasons (paintballs melt, goggles fog, terrain gets slippery).. 
NJ Paintball Club suggests you keep watch on the weather forecast in the days preceding your event and postpone 24 hours in advance if there is a 70% or greater chance of steady rain on your play date. 

Does it hurt to get hit by a paintball? 
Not really. It feels like getting snapped by a rubber band. A brief sting.

What is "low impact" paintball?
"Low impact" paintball is a new paintball industry marketing strategy where "special" paintballs designed to hit and break with less of an impact are used instead of "regular" paintballs. NJ Paintball Club offers this special service at a slightly higher price than our normally advertised prices. Call our office for details.

Do you have lockers and shower rooms? 
No. NJ Paintball Club is a paintball facility, not a Country Club! lol 

Do you have other activities besides paintball? 
No. NJ Paintball Club specializes in just one thing: PAINTBALL for 30 years!!! The FIRST paintball playing site in New Jersey!

Are Non-Participating guests welcome?
NON PLAYING guests are welcome, but ALL guests need to be supervised, by insurance regulation. Even guests not playing paintball and just hanging out in the parking lot are required to be supervised, by INSURANCE REGULATIONS! Additional NJ Paintball Club staff are required to supervise the non-playing guests in your party! Additional fees are required to be charged to your party to pay for our additional staff to supervise your non-playing guests hanging out in our parking area! Typically, a $5. per "not-playing person" fee is charged for guests just "hanging out" in our parking area.

Can I bring my baby and 3 year old child? 
No. Insurance regulations do not permit anyone under 10 years of age to visit NJ Paintball Club property.

Are you indoor or outdoor?
We are 100% out doors.

Do you play at night?
No. Operating hours are limited to 8:00 AM to dark.

Do we have to stay for a full 4.5 hour session?
No, we are not going to hold you hostage! lol
However, it takes 60 minutes to check-in, receive equipment and supplies, be oriented on the rules of the game and safety regulations, be trained on how to properly operate your paintball rifle, and hike to your first private playing course. Check-out is 30 minutes before you need to be off our property. So out of your 4.5 hour session, you can be actually playing paintball for 3 hours.
If you want to arrive late or leave early, or take a snack, bathroom, or re-supply break, you will be cutting into your 3 hours of playing time.

What is the terrain of your playing courses like?
NJ Paintball Club is situated on 100 acres of heavily wooded mountainous terrain.
You can view short video tours of each of our playing courses here:

How do I make a reservation? 
Contact NJ Paintball Club’s office. 973-838-7493 or 7 to 30 days before the date you want to play.
Best time to reach us by phone is Tuesday through Sunday, between 8am and 12 noon.

What if we need to cancel or re-schedule? 
Contact NJ Paintball Club’s office at least 24 hours before your event. 
There is a $10. per person re-scheduling/postponement fee. 
Refunds and cancellations are not offered. 
"No show” players (players who do not postpone, who fail to show up the day of your event, or who show up too late to participate, (usually 90 minutes after your scheduled arrival time) lose any deposit or fees that were made for them or by them. 

What if I want a refund? 
NJ Paintball Club does not offer refunds. 

Will the paintball mask I am required to wear fit over my glasses? 
Insurance regulations require all players to wear a protective paintball mask when on a paintball playing course. That is NON-NEGOTIABLE! Wearing glasses UNDER our paintball masks presents several problems. First, if you wear glasses we're sure you've experienced your glasses "steaming up" or "fogging up" in certain environments (like after a shower in a steamy bathroom?). This phenomenon is increased when you are wearing a paintball mask over your glasses, running around the woods playing paintball, overheating your body.
Secondly, paintball masks do not readily fit over the new 2017 style large frame glasses. If you CAN get the mask over your glasses, you might experience discomfort as parts of the mask press your glasses against your nose or temples. 
NJ Paintball Club STRONGLY suggests that you wear contact lenses if you have them, instead of glasses. If you MUST wear glasses, bring a pair of small frame glasses instead of large frame glasses and invest in some anti-fog treatments or wipes! 

Will my party be supervised? 
Yes. NJ Paintball Club’s adult staff will supervise your party and games at all times! From the minutes you arrive, to the minute you depart.

I have never played paintball before. Will someone teach us? 
Yes. NJ Paintball Club’s adult staff will greet you when you arrive, answer your questions, give a detailed orientation on the safety regulations and rules of the game, and then teach you the proper way to handle and operate your paintball equipment in our target range before you ever start playing. 

Are we just running around shooting each other? 
No! At NJ Paintball Club you will be playing a structured game of paintball, with rules, regulations, a delineated "playing course", objectives, and teams. For example "Capture the Flag" is a popular game for beginners. 

How do we tell who is on which team? 
NJ Paintball Club supplies each player with a colored armband. Red and blue armbands are frequently used to designate red team players from blue team players. 

Could we get lost in the woods? 
No! NJ Paintball Club’s playing courses are each totally surrounded by a bright yellow, 3 inch wide "border tape" at waist height (similar to crime scene barricade tape). Our adult staff take a headcount of your party before, during, and after each game to insure all are present. 

Are there wild animals? 
NJ Paintball Club is situated on 100 acres of heavily wooded mountainous rural terrain. All animals native to the Northern New Jersey forests are present. Chipmunks, squirrels, birds, turtles, fish, frogs, insects, groundhogs, raccoon, deer... most animals have learned over our 30 years of operation to run far away from humans once they hear our guests arrive, start playing, shouting, and laughing. In 30 years of operation, we have never had a negative encounter with any of the natural wildlife that lives in our woods! 

Do I need to fill out paperwork? 
Yes! ALL visitors, players as well as non-players, need to fill out NJ Paintball Club’s insurance waiver. Minors under age 18 need their parent to sign. 
A PDF file of NJ Paintball Club’s insurance waiver can be downloaded from our website: 

Is a deposit required? 
Yes! A non-refundable $240. deposit is required to secure your reservation. This deposit is deducted from your overall playing fees. 

How do I make a deposit or payment? 
On our website: scroll down the page until you see a big PAY NOW button.
We do not process credit cards over the phone, or in person!

Do you accept credit cards & checks? 
Yes, in advance of your visit. 
The day of your event, NJ Paintball Club accepts cash, traveler’s checks, and money orders. 
Phone or email us for detailed payment options. 

Are there age or height restrictions? 
Yes. Players must be at least 10 years of age and at least 50 inches tall to play paintball, or to even visit our property.... by insurance regulations! 
No one under 10 years of age is permitted on our property, or through our security gate, playing or NOT playing!

Do you serve food and beverages? 
No. NJ Paintball Club does not have a food license. We do not prepare, sell, or serve food of any kind. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages (no alcohol between 8:00AM and 4:30 PM ) or have your event catered by Macopin Pizza-Deli. 973-697-0224 (closed Mondays). At NJ Paintball Club you will be assigned a private picnic area next to your private parking area, for your use exclusively, with a picnic table, garbage can, and open-sided tent.

Can we drink beer?
Rule of thumb: alcoholic beverages don't go together with paintball guns and running around in the woods, as you might imagine! You'll need all your faculties playing paintball at NJ Paintball Club!
Persons who we suspect of being "under the influence" will not be permitted to play, and might be escorted off our property by the police!
However, at the end of your playing session, after you have turned in your equipment and all paintball guns are safely away, you are free to drink a beer or two before you leave our Club.

Is my Private Picnic Area supplied with electricity, refrigeration, barbecue grill, and running water? 
No. Your private picnic includes a picnic table, garbage can, and open-sided tent. No refrigerator. No electricity. No barbecue grill. No running water.

Does NJ Paintball Club supply its guests with free WIFI?
No. You'll need to use your smart phone and your data plan for internet access.

Can we bring coolers, food, & beverages? 
Yes, however, consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from 8:00am to 4:30pm .

If I lose jewelry or my smart phone in the woods, can I come up and sweep the woods with a metal detector while your site is closed?
No. If we are closed, we are closed. No one is permitted on NJ Paintball Club's private property while we are closed.
Secondly, we have been in operation for 30 years, and our land was farmed for 300 years before that! Every square foot of our woods has some metallic object, rusted nails, pieces of rusted machinery, whatever, buried into the dirt! Your metal detector will constantly be sounding the alarm!
Lastly, each of the playing courses you were on when you lost your jewelry or whatever, as well as the parking lot and the trails to and from the playing courses, cover over 50 acres! That's 50 football fields! The odds of you finding your lost object are astronomical, even if you were willing to spend 40 to 80 hours sweeping with a metal detector!

Can I use my own gun and equipment? 
We VERY STRONGLY recommend that you use NJ Paintball Club paintball guns, which are cleaned, oiled, tested, safe, and guaranteed to be in working order, and will be replaced by our staff quickly if they malfunction. 
If you'd prefer to use your own paintball gun, first you must request and receive permission from us so that we can insure that your gun meets our insurance safety regulations. Do not bring your gun to NJ Paintball Club without requesting and receiving clearance. Please contact NJ Paintball Club’s office for details. 

Can I bring my own paintballs? 
No. To insure your safety, the safety of our other guests, and the safety of our staff, all paintballs used at NJ Paintball Club must be acquired from the Club the day of your visit. Bringing outside paintballs through our security gate, or using outside paintballs at any time, will terminate your visit. With police escort if required.

Do we need to join the Club to play? 
No. All guests receive a complimentary guest membership to NJ Paintball Club. 

Can the Staff of NJ Paintball Club speak Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, and other languages? 
No. Our business is conducted EXCLUSIVELY in English!
If any of your guests can not understand English fluently, YOU will be required to supply an interpreter if you would like them to play at NJ Paintball Club. 

What time should I arrive? 
Morning Session: arrive at 8:00 AM. 
Afternoon session: arrive at 12:30PM . 

Why can't I arrive early? 
Early birds are not admitted because our staff are busy preparing for your event before your arrival time and not available to interact with our guests prior to your scheduled arrival time. 

Do I need identification documents? 
Yes. All adults (18 years of age and above) need ID: Driver’s License, Passport, or State ID. 

What should I wear? 
Comfortable footwear. NOT SANDALS, HIGH HEELS, OR FLIP FLOPS!!!! lol
Paintballs are water soluble and wash out of your clothes. 
NJ Paintball Club also offers camouflage coveralls for rent (get our coveralls painted up, sweaty, and muddy rather than your own clothes! Keep you car seats CLEAN on the way home!!!!). 

Should we tip our referee? 
Yes. $2. per person is recommended. 

How many paintballs will I use? 
250 minimum, 500 maximum in a half day session (4.5 hours). 

Have more questions? Please contact our office. 

Have another paintball party question ? Read on or Please contact our office with any question at 973-838-7493

STILL HAVE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS???  See Our Frequently Asked Questions, our Reservation page or information on how to organize a team or if all else fails, please call New Jersey Paintball Club's office @ 973-838-7493 or email us at and
we will do our best to answer your questions.


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